Droidcon NYC 2014

Android Material Design

Material Design for Android

Applying brand guidelines within Android guidelines

Annotation Processing Boilerplate Destruction

Stop, Collaborate & Listen: The Art of Smart Product Design

Android and BLE

Android Animations Bringing Your Applications to Life

Google Fit

Building Android at Ludicrous Speed

Preview of Go on Android

Image Filter Options in Android

Developing mobile apps for emerging markets

BLE for Indoor Positioning

Android Studio Tips

Android App Development for Newbies

Building Maintainable Android Applications

Facebook Performance: Designing News Feed Rendering

You want that view to do what?!

Android Data

Android Threading

Cyborg Cowboys & Cylon Cowgirls: The Wild West frontier of the Android technology landscape

Home screen widgets and live wallpapers

Android + Arduino + IMU + BLE

The Geographic Approach to Android Development

A Startup Guide to a Winning Android Design

The Evolution of Mobile Advertising

HTTP in a hostile world

Gradlin': Nuts and Bolts

Succeeding on Google Play

Keynote: Unleash Your Creativity with the Cloud

Panel: Coding to Make A Difference

Designing Accessible Android Applications

Increasing Your Mobile Audience

Going Beyond Smartphones

Get Your Robolectric Groove On


Improving Facebook and Instagram in Emerging Markets

The Magic World of Drawables

Writing battery efficient GPS and location based apps

Playing and Recording Videos on Android

Polyglot Android Development

WunderBar: BLE sensors for Android developers

Building Location-Aware Apps with Open Source and Open Data

We Were Promised Jetpacks - An Introduction to Developing on Android Wear

Automation and Espresso

Encrypt All the Things!

Building Custom Camera Applications

Google Cast App

Google Glass and Android Wear Internals

NDK for portability and security

RxJava Easy Wins: Breaking down Reactive Programming

Depth Maps and Image Processing in Android (HTC One)

Implementing Growth Oriented Design at the Heart of your Product

Under Square's Hood

How to work like your team's gonna be huge

Keynote: Create Software With Soul